Recently moved from Europe to Houston,  Modesto Nevado was born in Spain in 1945. He earned his Swiss Maturité (High School) degree in 1968, graduated as an Architect (BS) in Colombia and Venezuela (Universidad Javeriana and Universidad Central de Venezuela) in 1973, and worked on a two year master´s degree at Houston´s Rice University  (scholarship) in 1973-75. From 1976 to 2000 he worked as an architect in Caracas (see resume). He started painting in his teens. Family and friends keep most of these early paintings.

Back in Spain (2002-12), he relocated to Isla Cristina, a little andalousian town near Portugal. There he rekindled his old passion, and fully embraced painting. Away from big movements or theories, he enjoyed setting on canvas what he saw around him and within himself. Most of his paintings represent pristine seascapes, hard working, warm-hearted people, and the greatest sunlight in all of Spain.

Two years before coming to Houston (2010-12), he decided to shift from his impressionist line of work to a new style with a fresher look at life, brighter colors, and a touch of surrealism. A way that would let him evolve to new ways of expression. 

Some of his paintings  have  been exhibited in Ayamonte´s Casa de Cultura and Isla Cristina´s Municipal Gallery. Many of them have been sold at several galleries in Ayamonte.